On a Wing and a Prayer
Philip West

Multi Pilot Signed Print

On a Wing and a Prayer by Philip West

The venerable Fairy Swordfish was the Fleet Air Arms premier torpedo-bomber at the outbreak of World War II. It may have looked archaic in appearance, but its courageous crews proved time and time again that it was a potent fighting machine. 'Stringbags' as they were affectionately known, served in several important roles and theatres including Coastal Command, the Mediterranean and flying from MAC-ships protecting North Atlantic and Arctic convoys.

The bravery of the Swordfish aircrew is a
matter of history and must never be forgotten.

The Signatories

Signed and Numbered signed by
Stanley Brand
former Swordfish pilot

Artist Proofs are also signed by
John Moffat
Swordfish pilot who attacked and help sink the German battleship “Bismarck”.


Print size:
26.5 x 16.5ins approx

Signed and Numbered
Edition size: 100 Price: 95.00
Artist Proof Edition size: 50 Price: 125.00

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