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Who are We?

Our aim is to not only provide the BEST SERVICE and PRODUCTS, from the VERY BEST ARTISTS, but also to allow ALL visitors to actually view (in fine detail) the prints we have on offer. We are working very hard to try and have an image of EVERY SINGLE print we offer to actually be seen on our site.

Artists such as Robert Taylor, Gerald Coulson, Michael Rondot, Michael and Graham Turner, Philip West, Ronald Wong, Nicolas Trudgian are a just a few featured within AvCollect..

A lot of galleries on the internet are only concerned with numbers, (the more on the site, the more you sell). They have lists and lists of artists and their prints. How many ACTUALLY SHOW THE PRINTS? If they do show the prints, how do they look?

So many of our featured Artist's have their work misrepresented on various web sites. Their AWESOME work is totally lost in poor quality image thumbnails and unrealistic colour reproduction. Should YOU have to guess what a print ACTUALLY looks like before you buy it? Of course not, you want to see the image in all its splendour and then make your choice

At AvCollect we have a different approach. Andrew Brooks who spearheads AvCollect has been involved in Aviation for over 30 years.
He is especially well known for his Blackburn Buccaneer Photographs and is also a very keen photographer of wildlife

He has spent many hours flying in Military and Civilian aircraft and his photography continues to be published throughout the World in various publications! These include many of the Popular Aviation Magazines, Books, Posters, Calendars and Training Journals etc. He is also very proud that his photography has been used for Public Relations purposes of the RAF

Andrew has also been privileged to have worked closely with some of the World's Special Forces and Police Units where his work has been used extensively towards the ongoing training of personnel.

Many of the people who work alongside Andrew, within AvCollect are also from an Aviation background. Most, former or current Civilian or Military Aircrew, their advice and technical expertise are always on hand.
All this goes together to provide what we call, our 'TOTAL COMMITMENT'. (From the moment you become one of our valued customers, your aviation interests become our interests. We shall endeavour to provide you with the very best service & products to match your requirements and to go on providing this service long after you have received your order).

We also share your passion for aviation and we KNOW the difference between modern sales techniques and old fashioned customer service. (Sadly missing from so much today). If you ever want to know more or feel that you might like to purchase something from AvCollect please do not hesitate to call, we are always on hand 7 days a week to help and advise you. The AvCollect goal is to make sure that 'YOU', our customer is ALWAYS GUARANTEED, the VERY FINEST SERVICE at ALL TIMES.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

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Or e-mail us at info@avcollect.com with any questions..

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