VULCAN XH558, The loved One
by Michael Rondot

"The noise was fantastic. The earth moved and shook as a huge trumpeting roar set off all the car alarms.
The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end; everyone stood still and listened and then it appeared.
I fell in love and I knew I would never forget my first Vulcan display".

VULCAN XH558,The loved One by Michael Rondot

Few aircraft have evoked such strong emotions with the airshow-going public as Vulcan XH558, THE SUBJECT OF Michael Rondot's painting. Climbing almost vertically, with black smoke pouring from its thundering Olympus engines at full power, the Vulcan could bring any airshow to a complete standstill.
Crowds watched in awe as the majestic delta winged bomber created a deafening roar of smoke and noise, the sight and sound of its display an emotional and unforgettable experience for those who witnessed it.

Each print is signed by three distinguished pilots associated with the history of the Vulcan from its heyday as the spearhead of the RAF's elite V-Bomber nuclear strike force, to Falklands bomber and finally, the darling of the airshow circuit - The Loved One.

We are honoured to have Lord Craig, one of the most ardent supporters
of the Vulcan as a signatory to this edition.
To support the RAF Museum, three distinguished pilots have signed each copy
to create a unique and valuable limited edition.



Marshall of the Royal Air Force, The Lord Craig of Radley, GCB OBE.
Lord Craig entered the RAF in 1951and was a QFI and Hunter fighter pilot before joining
No 35 Sqn in 1962 to fly the then brand new Vulcan B2.
He commanded No 35 Sqn until 1965 and flew numerous other types during his distinguished career. He was Commander-in-Chief RAF Strike Command, Chief of the Air Staff, Chief of the Defence Staff and in 1991 was appointed a Life Peer. His affection for the Vulcan has remained undiminished and he has the unique distinction of having flown the Vulcan in every rank in the RAF from Squadron Leader to Marshall of the Royal Air Force.

Squadron Leader Martin Withers, DFC.

Martin Withers was the captain on XM607, the first Vulcan to bomb in anger during the Falklands War. On 1 May 1982, just one month after the Argentine invasion, Withers and his crew completed 'Black Buck One', the longest distance bombing mission in history until that time, and one of the most significant, attacking Port Stanley airfield during an 8,000 mile, 16 hour flight from their base at Ascension Island.

Squadron Leader David Thomas.
David Thomas has amassed nearly 4,000 Vulcan flying hours since 1964,
during three squadron and two OCU tours. He flew with the Vulcan Display Flight from 1998 until 1992 and on 23 March 1993 he was the captain of the last flight of XH558.
He is currently a Jetstream QFI, the senior Lancaster bomber pilot with the BBMF
and is a key member of the project to return XH558 to flying status.

Vulcan XH558 thunders into a stormy sky
with black smoke pouring from its Olympus engines.

VULCAN XH558,The loved One by Michael Rondot

Print size: 27 x 20ins approx

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Remarque Edition size: Price: £235.00

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