Concorde Comes Home
by Adrian Rigby

Concorde Comes Home by Adrian Rigby

BA Concorde on approach to Heathrow over London

Comes also with a photograph of
Capt Christopher Orlebar signing the prints

Some words from the Artist:
"When I was asked to produce a painting to commemorate Concorde's imminent retirement, my reaction was one of excitement and apprehension. Excitement because Concorde is a truly beautiful aircraft and an icon of the modern world; and apprehension because it is a real artist's challenge to do justice to the aircraft's sleek simple lines.

Heathrow is Concorde's home and therefore a view of the aircraft over London on its final approach to the World's busiest airport seemed appropriate. Needless to say, I spent a huge amount of time getting the city accurate, as a number of landmarks are visible.
Though not a street by street rendition of the city, I hope that people can pick out the Millennium Bridge, the Natwest Tower, Tower Bridge and beyond that, the hazy outline of Canary Wharf. In contrast to the city, Concorde's lines are simple and uncluttered by detail-the three-quarter viewpoint showing the jet off to the best advantage.It is sad to know that one of the greatest aircraft in aviation history will soon no longer be flying. It is a true example of art and science working together to produce a masterpiece"


The Limited Edition Print 'Concorde Comes Home'
sold out from the publishers on the 5th November 2003

We however managed to purchase the last few prints which subsequently
(30) went on a VERY SPECIAL JOURNEY on the 10th
November 2003 and they travelled VERY FAST!

The 30 prints (and a number of others) are available now to purchase on
a first come first served basis and limited to only ONE per person!

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This is a very very special package and totally unique
in the art and collectable world!
No one has EVER done anything like this before
and can never again on Concorde!

So please note, there are only a few prints available
which actually flew on the last ever Concorde flight to America
and the last ever flight of Concorde G-BOAD

Print size: 11 x 23 ins (29 x 60cm)

Signed and Numbered
Edition size: 500 Price: 117.50 Sold Out

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

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