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Anthony Cowland

British Airways (BA)
Anthony Cowland
All In A Days Work
All In A Days Work
BA 737-436 Over TyrolMountain Range
Anthony Cowland
Through All Weather
British Airways Loganair SAAB 340 Inverness
Anthony Cowland
Away at Last
British Airways Airbus A321 over Heathrow
Anthony Cowland
A Break in the Clouds
British Airways Boeing 757-236 Over London
Anthony Cowland
Built to Last
British Airways BAC 111 Over the Forth Bridge
Anthony Cowland
City Flyer
BA Avro RJ100 over London City Airport
Anthony Cowland
End of an Era
British Airways Trident 2 Over Edinburgh
Anthony Cowland
Farewell Bermuda
British Airways DC10 Over Bermuda

Anthony Cowland
Flying the Flag
British Airways Airbus A320 over Windsor
Anthony Cowland
Through Foul and Fair Weather
British Airways HS 748 Over Stornoway
Anthony Cowland
Heading Downwind
British Airways ATR 72 Over Hannover
Anthony Cowland
Heading for Houston
BA Boeing 777 over Chicago
Anthony Cowland
Homeward Bound
British Airways Boeing 747-436 over Sydney
Anthony Cowland
Into the Sunlight
BA Connect Embraer 145
Anthony Cowland
Island Whisper
British Airways RJ100 Over Jersey
Anthony Cowland
Making Good Time
BA A319 over The Alps
Anthony Cowland
Millennium Speedbird
British Airways Boeing 777 Above London
Anthony Cowland
British Airways Concorde Going Supersonic
Anthony Cowland
A Time to Remember
BA Boeing 707-336 Over Barbados
Anthony Cowland
Waiting Our Turn
BA Boeing 737-236 Over Biggen Hill
Anthony Cowland
Well Underway
BA Boeing 767 Over the English Coast


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Anthony Cowland
Auld Acquaintance
British Caledonian DC10 Over the Alps


British Caledonian
Anthony Cowland
Queen of the Skies
British Cal Vickers Standard VC10 Over Gatwick



Anthony Cowland
A Touch of Class
B.E.A. Vickers Viscount Over Gibraltar


British European Airways (BEA)

Anthony Cowland
Whistling in the Wind
B.E.A. Vickers Vanguard Over Malta



Anthony Cowland
A Diamond Service
British Midland Boeing 737 Over Heathrow


British Midland Airways (BMA)

Anthony Cowland
A Grandstand View
British Midland Viscount Over Wembley



Anthony Cowland
Expect No Delays
BMI Airbus A320 Over Heathrow


British Midland International (BMI)



Anthony Cowland
Handling the Big Jet
B.O.A.C. Boeing 747-136 Over New York


British Overseas
Airways Corporation

Anthony Cowland
Dawn of the Jet Set
B.O.A.C. Comet 4 Over London Docklands
Anthony Cowland
Near Journeys End
B.O.A.C. Bristol Britannia Over Sydney
Anthony Cowland
The Way to the Stars
BOAC Constellation Over the Pyramids of Giza
Anthony Cowland
A Small World
B.O.A.C. Boeing Stratocruiser at London Airport



Anthony Cowland
Rule Britannia
Britannia Airways Boeing 767 Above the Clouds



Britannia Airways

Anthony Cowland
Sun Seeker
Britannia Airways Boeing 757 Above the Skies



Anthony Cowland
Best of British
British United Airways VC10 Above the Clouds


British United Airways (BUA)



Anthony Cowland
All Points of the Compass
Dan Air Comet 4 Over the English Countryside


Dan Air



Anthony Cowland
Easy Going
Easy Jet Airbus A319 over Gatwick Airport


Anthony Cowland
Nice and Easy
Easy Jet Boeing 737 Over Nice



Anthony Cowland
Arabian Dream
Emirates B 777-300 Over the Coast of Dubai


Anthony Cowland
Gathering Pace
Emirates Airbus A330 Over Dubai



Anthony Cowland
Short But Sweet
Go Boeing 737 Over Stansted





Anthony Cowland
The Western Belle
Laker Skytrain DC10 Over the USA


Laker Airways



Anthony Cowland
Heir to the Throne
Monarch B 757 Over the Greek Island of Ikaria





Anthony Cowland
Busy Time of Day
Ryanair Boeing 737-200 Decending


Anthony Cowland
Last of the Summer Sun
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Over Stansted



Anthony Cowland
A Great Way to Fly
Singapore Airlines 747-400 over Singapore Airport


Singapore Airlines



Anthony Cowland
Crossing in Style
Silver City Bristol Super Freighter


Silver City



Anthony Cowland
First Exciting View
Thomas Cook Boeing 757 Over Tenerife


Thomas Cook



Anthony Cowland
Into the Blue
Thomson Boeing 757 over Corfu





Anthony Cowland
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 Over Cape Town


Virgin Atlantic
Anthony Cowland
Lady Penelope
Virgin Atlantic B 747-400 Over San Francisco



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