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A place for stories and memories of 'Buccaneering!'
The Buccanner was an awesome aircraft, an aircraft that proved herself in environments she was never designed to go into! Service with the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and of course, active service with the South African Air Force with 24 Sqn! In every unit however, she was much loved by her crews and those who kept her in the air!

If you have a story you would like to tell, please contact us, we would be honoured to share it!

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This website is dedicated to the one and only, Buccaneer! It holds amongst its pages many photographs of the 'Bucc'.

But what of the crews, the fortunate 'few''?
The men who have flown the beast since Roy Boot put pencil to paper in 1954?

"She's like my Grand Mother, old, but formidable!"
Grp Capt Bill Cope 1991

"A ball bearing on glass over water!"
Sqn Ldr Rick Phillips 1994

"The only replacement for a Buccaneer is a Buccaneer"

Heard too many times to mention!

Crew Room
Fatboy 'n' Skids relaxing at Lossie.
(Note the 208 Sqn toilet in the bottom left corner ...
For mixing cocktails only...)

The contents of this page are in no way politically motivated or in no way should be deemed so!
They are just stories of men and aircraft!

Buccaneer to the Rescue
by Andries Marais.

I am proud to have the following story as the first one to grace this page!
Introducing... 'Buccaneer to the Rescue' by Andries Marais.
It tells of the exploits of Andries and Ernie Harvey, Pilot and Navigator with 24 Sqn SAAF on one particular day in May 1978 during the 'Border war' into Angola

This one's for you Louwrens!


24 Sqn SAAF
Per Noctem Per Diem
Through night, Through Day
The following is a piece written by Simon van Garderen.
He Instructed on Harvards and also flew Buccaneers with 24 Sqn SAAF based at AFB Waterkloof near Pretoria.
It has been translated from Afrikaans, so Simon, I trust I have done a lekker job?
In my opinion, this is a wonderful piece of work, it describes a Pilots' first solo in the awesome Buccaneer... Read this and ENJOY...

The Adventures of 'Split Pin'
by Group Captain Tom Eeles

The story of a Junior Engineering Officer (JEngo) and his not so strapped in FIRST flight in a Buccaneer.

'NEARLY' a Night Time Arrestor 'TAKE-OFF'
by Group Captain Tom Eeles

An almost major incident on a dark and moonless night at RAF Honington in 1971.


The next 2 stories come from Group Captain Tom Eeles.
They are excellent reads and typical of the type of fable that is heard so many time over a few beers in the mess. Thanks Tom for the effort.

Tom Eeles served on exchange with the RN between 1966 - 1971
serving with 801 and 736 Sqns on HMS Victorious and RNAS Lossiemouth.
He ejected from a 'Fam 1' (familiarisation flight number 1) being in the back seat as a QFI with no controls.
He was the founder member of 237 OCU in 1971 - 1972, then 12 Sqn 1972 - 1975. and has been awarded the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air.
237 OCU 1977 - 1980 (Flight Commander)
237 OCU 1984 - 1987 (Sqn Commander).

And to finish off with, his total hours on the Buccaneer are 2180.
Impressive eh!

There will be more stories from Gp Cpt Eeles very soon especially the 'Fam 1' ejection.


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