Concorde – Early Morning Arrival
by Stephen Brown

Overall size approx: 18” x 28” 46cms x 71cms

The sight of Concorde descending over London will forever remain etched in the memory of all who were fortunate to see this amazing aircraft. At Mach 2 Concorde could fly at 23 miles a minute – one miles every 2.5 seconds. A truly astonishing aircraft and one which to this day is sadly missed by its regular passengers and millions of admirers all over the world.

John Cochrane was the co-pilot to Brian Trubshaw on Concorde 002 during its first ever flight which went from Filton, Bristol to Fairford in Gloucestershire on 9th April 1969.


Primary Edition size: 150 Price: £125.00 
Artist Proof Edition size: 15 Price: 150.00
Remarque Edition size: 25 Price: 275.00
Remarque Double Edition size: 10 Price: £395.00



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