Brand New Release for September 2004

The Final Touch Down

Concorde G-BOAF following her final flight, about to touch down at Filton,
Bristol for the last time! All prints have been signed Capt Les Brodie
who was the Pilot at the controls (The LAST EVER man to pilot Concorde!)

The Final Touch Down
by Stephen Brown
size: 28 x 20ins

November 26th 2003 will remain etched in the memory of countless thousands
of people as the day this magnificent aircraft landed back in Bristol for the very last time.

In response to hundreds of requests for a Limited Edition Print of this historic
landing Stephen Brown has captured those last few seconds before Concorde G-BOAF
touches down at the Filton airfield.

Every print is signed by the very last pilot to fly Concorde; Captain Les Brodie


The Final Touch Down

Signed by:

Pilot: Les Brodie
(The last man to ever pilot Concorde
Artist: Stephen Brown

Standard: 500 Price: 95.00  
Artist Proofs : 25 Price: £125.00
Remarque: 25 Price: £220.00

Call now on 07967441782 to confirm availability of these prints!
For a detailed description on what the different editions are, please see below

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

Limited edition print:
An edition of identical prints, numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist,
having a stated limit to the quantity in the edition. Following publication the printing
plates are destroyed. Many editions are authenticated with the original signatures of
distinguished military or civilian personnel.

Artists Proof:
An old tradition of reserving a quantity of prints for the artist's use, usually equal to
about 10 % of the edition. In the early days of printing.
Proofs are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of Artist's Proofs
issued in the edition. Because of their highly restricted number,
Artist's Proofs are sold at a higher value than the regular prints in the edition.

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