"Lone Star Lady" B-52  by Philip E West
"Lone Star Lady"
by Philip E West

Led by The Lone Star Lady, B-52 Stratofortresses based at Anderson AFB on the island of Guam,
head for Hanoi, North Vietnam, During the Strategic Air Command's Operation Linebacker II
during the winter of 1972.
By the end of December 1972, after 729 operational sorties during eleven days of continual air strikes
on Hanoi and Haiphong, the B-52 bombers of Strategic Air Command finally brought North Vietnam to its knees.
They had fired off well over 1200 surface-to-air missiles, virtually exhausting their ground defenses,
and it became clear that any renewal of air strikes would devastate the country.
The North Vietnamese were at last ready for peace.

Limited to a single edition of 500 copies signed and numbered by the artist

Print size: 27 x 20ins   Edition size: 500
Signatures: Philip West
(Order Number ref PW06)

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

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