"HABU 972 at Mach 3.0"
by Philip E West
SR-71 Blackbird

Richard Graham and RSO Don Emmons cruising their SR-71 in afterburner,
gathering intelligence over the Soviet nuclear facility at Kamchatka, December 15, 1976.

At 80,000 feet Rich Graham's SR-71 Blackbird is all but invisible to the three MiG-25 fighters
seen contrailing at 45,000 feet below. Under radar control, the MiGs make a futile attempt to intercept,
but with the SR-71 travelling at three times the speed of sound along the edge of the stratosphere,
there is nothing they can do. At this great height the crew of Habu 972 can clearly see the pronounced
curvature of the earth and, in broad daylight above them, the brightest stars shining in the heavens.
The SR-71 Habu 972, the subject of Philip's painting, now resides
in the National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC.

Limited to a single edition of 500 copies signed and numbered by the artist.
Print size: 27 x 18ins   Edition size: 500
Signatures: Philip West
Price: 60.00
(Order Number ref PW04)

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

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